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4 - 1 - Soldier

The story behind Jessica was this: Friday night Belle brought home Jessica’s computer which had crashed while she was on-line with one of her college classes.

I took the computer over to our friend Lenny and asked that he go through it, and fix it up or build a new one. Belle and I would pay the cost. Jessica is really struggling to survive and is spiraling down. Last night I called Lenny because I had just been through a most remarkable experience.

It’s from the heart and a gift “ 4-1-Soldier”

Kind regards


PS. Lenny built a new computer for Jessica. I met with him last evening to go over the costs and make arrangements for the hook-up and delivery. I also told him about the experience with God which happened only minutes before.  Here’s the deal he said: "I’ll go halves with you.  And of that half that you owe me I will donate that to your new fund." I paused, looked at him and said "I’ll match that." So that’s how this started.  Now the story:


A Plea for Help 

Today started a new chapter in my life

Some of you have known our family for many years and some we met only yesterday.  I would like to talk about the “ yesterday”.  I delivered firewood to a first time customer, and  as part of our business we always call ahead when the truck is loaded and ready for delivery. The man answered the phone and said he would be home, so off I went.  As I approached the home there in the driveway stood a man in his mid-thirties leaning on a cane. He smiled and waved as I approached with the truck. After I parked we introduced ourselves and made a little light chatter…now, those of you who have known me for a while can vouch for me on the chit-chat part. The next question I asked , “So what did you do to deserve a nice looking cane like that?”  His answer:  “I was a tank commander in Iraq and our 70 ton Abrams was nearly split in half by an I.E.D…with me in it “.

This is the introduction to the story of one of our soldiers.  It’s a plea for help to those of us who might be able to make a difference in one soldier’s life,  a small payback for their selfless defense and personal sacrifice which they made for each and every one of us.

God spoke with me today.                                                 

And then it happened again. My wife, Belle is going to college studying for a degree in Nursing.  In one of her classes is a young woman named Jessica. They study together, support each other in their quest towards the degree and share the blessings of a friendship. Jessica is also a US Navy veteran who served in the Iraq war. She has three young boys. Her husband left her and now she lives with her three children at her mother’s house.  She does get a little help from food stamps. Her benefits from the Navy are getting delayed and Jessica is struggling to try to keep it together.  Her ex-husband showed up from California late in the summer for a short visit and gave her $ 60.00 towards clothes for the three boys.

We hear the stories. We all offer our sympathies only to shrug, not really personally affected by it, don’t know what to say or how to help.  But for me, today was the day God had a word with me. While driving to Goffstown at 6pm leaden down  with another load of firewood the sky was heavy with those roiling black clouds after a sudden storm.  As I came to a stop sign I noticed a bright light on the very tops of a couple of trees to my left. Odd, because the clouds were so thick, I thought. But then I looked to the right and the very tops of those trees were of the same golden color. Around the corner I went and there before me was the most wonderful and glorious rainbow I had ever seen. And ….at each turn was another rainbow. And God told me it was his sign that what I had been thinking about all day was the beginning … That these child soldiers, coming back home, injured, hurting, plagued with nightmares,  and struggling ,  need our support. That we might be able to help just one soldier would be the goal. The rainbow is the promise. We have chosen Jessica to be the first recipient of the pot under the rainbow. She has shown courage, works hard to better her life and never complains or asks for sympathy.  Her spirit is in her voice.  She has a face, it’s the face of courage. She is your neighbor.

Belle and I are asking for your consideration to help one soldier at a time. We are setting up an account at The People’s Bank to do just that and we will distribute the funds to her a few weeks before Christmas.  This will be a gift from the heart.

When you order firewood from Weigle Tree Service,  please consider contributing  $5.00 extra.  The Weigle family will match your contribution. Or you may contribute to the fund on your own.  It’s a way for our community to circle around one of our children, hold them close,  welcome them back home  and say we care
“4-1-Soldier “

The soldier in the tank?  That will be the next chapter.  It is our hope that help will be able to continue, one soldier at a time.

Thank you and may God bless,

 The Weigle Family