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We specialize in delivering high quality, seasoned, select northern hardwoods including oak, maple, birch and ash from our firewood processing facility directly to you. 

These types of wood provide a maximum heat values combined with a minimum amount of ash residue:

Types of Wood Millions of BTU's of Heat
Produced Per Cord
Maple 23.9
Oak 24.8
Birch 20.3
Ash 24.2

Your delivery will consist of wood measured by the "cord".  A cord consists of 128 cubic feet of wood (for example a stack 4 feet high by 4 feet wide and 8 feet long).  We offer our customers the choice of either seasoned ready-to-burn firewood or green freshly cut firewood that you can dry.  (It typically takes 4-6 months of drying for green wood to be ready to burn)

If you don't need a full cord, you can also order partial cords.  If you need kindling or campfire wood please see our specialty products